Hello Lionheart, we’re #PrettyGrateful to have you here. 

At Grateful Gains, we believe the Gospel is an essential luxury that should be savored and enjoyed daily - so we create products that help you simplify your routine to focus on what matters most.

By prioritizing prayer, planning, and the practice of gratitude, our all-in-one planners equip you to design more peaceful and purposeful days.


Our Why

We’re here to wage a war on worry & help you replace overwhelm with overflow - because our God’s too big to bow down to anxiety.

Stress & hustle dominates the conversation in today’s culture, but we’re committed to helping Christian women return to the easy yoke God promises in His presence. Let's indulge in the luxurious Good News of peace that we have been granted full permission to abide in.

It’s time to work from abundance again, not for it.

Grab our Powherful Planner Bundles to start and end your day with Jesus, & His joy. Don’t just plan your day, plan to enjoy. 

Let’s roar.